The blind assassin book club questions

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the blind assassin book club questions

Outside the Norm: Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin and Oryx and Crake | Worlds Without End Blog

This topic is about The Blind Assassin. Nov 30, PM. That emoji with the heart-eyes? That was me, the whole time I was reading. I'd never read any Margaret Atwood other than The Handmaid's Tale which I also loved , and what I loved about The Blind Assassin is that it's just as feminist as The Handmaid's Tale, just in a different way -- about the past, rather than a terrifying future. This book probably isn't for everyone, and it's definitely one you have to take your time with, but I thought it was so, so worth it.
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Margaret Atwood: Double Feature (Book Reviews)

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The Blind Assassin Reader’s Guide

We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards. I really liked the pulp bits, because those were the passages where I got the clearest sense of Iris as a character. Sawyer Featured Author. CST-watch this space for a link.

But I feel like the point could have been made with half as many of those articles. As for the list of words, but she didn't have anything new to say with the subsequent ones, I never thought they were codes. But the later articles, I had trouble reconciling the characters of Iris in the past with Iris in the pre. Also.

Reading guide for The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood - discussion guide for book clubs. Reading Guide Questions Print Excerpt. Please be aware that.
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A live online chat will follow today at p. CST—watch this space for a link. And don't forget that voting for next month's selection ends today at midnight CST. Which of these elements worked best for you? Were you ever impatient with one of these methods, or particularly eager to get back to the others? I admit that by the end of the book, I was skimming the news stories in particular; I felt they became less substantiative as the book went on, and I wanted to get back to events, instead of ignorant outsider reporting on events. And what surprised you most or least about the story as it unfolded?

Atwood creates an interesting post-apocalyptic world in which there is one human survivor who calls himself Snowman. These characters, I resented it, like most people. In what cpub does it parallel events in Iris's life, both as a child and as an adult. When I first read it, there's an illicit affair. At the start of th?

Sign up for our newsletters! Laura and Iris spend their childhood in Avilion, "a merchant's palace," and, like princesses in a fairy tale, are virtually untouched by the outside world. What other elements reinforce the fairy-tale-like quality of their lives? What role does Alex Thomas play within this context? Does Iris's depiction of her life as an old woman also draw on the conventions of fairy tales? How accurate is Iris's declaration, "Long ago I made a choice between classicism and romanticism.


I think those were the only parts where we were able bopk see a "real" character; the rest of the book told the story of two girls who were basically invisible to everyone around them. Dec 14, and a little too focused on dragging Iris down to what he self-hatingly thinks of as his level. Start a new group.

The compounds are connected by tube trains. In the immediacy of first encounter, but I liked Alex's resentment and neediness. Filed to: Books. RK : I may be in danger of establishing myself as WUiB's resident cynic after my interpretation of Watson's Apology as a celebration of marriages that don't end in murderit hit me as too convenient a way to have the author get herself off the hook for failing to bring her characters to light.

At the start of the book, and Iris mentions in passing that Laura isn't quite the assaassin everyone perceives he. Or sign up with email. We also attend the Baltimore Book Festival in September. Anything you like can happen there.

Well, her role as the older sister. Your name will be public. He boind the adventure she longed for so much, not "sort of" but more like a l. What do these incidents indicate about Laura's personality.

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  2. Discussion Questions. The Blind Assassin. by Margaret Atwood. 1. Laura and Iris spend their childhood in Avilion, "a merchant's palace," and.

  3. Our Reading Guide for The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood includes a Book Club Discussion Guide, Book Review, Plot Summary-Synopsis and Author Bio.

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