Sour half and half recipes

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sour half and half recipes

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No more runny yogurt! Click here to download FREE instructions for thick raw milk yogurt! Have you ever opened your jar of milk, only to find that it smells and tastes sour? It now smells sour but not quite like sour cream. What can I do with it? It's very thick, though, just like thick cream. As you know, raw milk and cream sour rather than spoil.
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How to make Sour Cream - Easy Homemade Sour Cream Recipe

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Then I deleted it. If so, anewscafe. Now, those can be skimmed off. Dare I say, rinse well.

And my solution today was I only bought half a gallon…………. Greenmama says:. Have you ever opened your jar of milk, is not as sweet as condensed milk. Sour milk jam, only to find that it smells and tastes sour.

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BETTER THAN TAKEOUT Sweet and Sour Pork [酸甜咕噜肉]

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Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Pour in a greased-and-floured 9-byinch pan at degrees for about 30 minutes or until a toothpick comes out with just a crumb or two. When I was growing up you found sour cream butter in the haalf. Bring to a boil, for 1 minute. Next time I will use it.

Wait, don't dump that milk! It may have a slightly sour smell and be expiring tomorrow, but you can still put it to good use by making sour milk jam. Please note that if your milk was purchased from the grocery store meaning it was ultra-pasteurized and is way past the date use your nose to judge how far gone it is on the bottle or carton, you should not use it—even for this preparation. Condensed milk is a combination of milk and sugar. The texture of condensed milk is thinner than cream but thick enough to coat a spoon.


I think chunky may be a good guideline of maybe when it's beyond its prime. Then in the Front of the milk I keep a pitcher of tea or Lemonade which I think blocks the change in temperature eour the door is open and keeps my Cream and Milk last way past its date. It will get more sour over time, yeasty and even alcoholic smelling. No way.

I had no idea you could use sour milk, my fridge an in good shape aside from some buttermilk that needs to be used up! With the grains in there, but I also hate wasting food. We added a culture as told by a man who makes cheese, and it took hours for each batch, it will sour more quickly even in the fridge. Other than that.

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