Neil gaiman the sleeper and the spindle pdf

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neil gaiman the sleeper and the spindle pdf

Read an Excerpt from Neil Gaiman's The Sleeper and The Spindle | Epic Reads Blog

By Gaby Wood. The brilliance of Gaiman's story — which is spellbindingly illustrated by Chris Riddell — lies in the elements he has chosen for his mash—up. Essentially, aspects of Sleeping Beauty are distorted by aspects of Snow White, but while classical fairy tale characters are stock figures the princess, the hunter, the stepmother, the beast , Gaiman's protagonists are the products of their pasts. Snow White's story so far has given her knight—like valour: thanks to her stepmother, she knows evil in another woman's eyes when she sees it; having spent a year in a glass coffin, she is willing to brave the land of sleep; because of the poisoned apple, she can recognise the smell of magic; and when it comes to travelling companions, it matters that she has an affinity with dwarves. But even this Snow White doesn't know who's who when it comes to the climactic scene in the castle — The Sleeper and the Spindle is a story of three women, none of whom is quite what you imagine. It tastes like both of them but it's actually a new dish. Neil Gaiman quiz — 30 questions to test your knowledge.
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01 The Sleeper and the Spindle

Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell: a partnership fated to succeed from the start. At around sixty pages, this is a short, but highly satisfying spin on the Sleeping Beauty myth. She calls for her armour, she calls for her horse and, aptly accompanied by three dwarfs, she rides out to solve the problem.

Read an Excerpt from Neil Gaiman’s The Sleeper and The Spindle

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Neil Gaiman tells Gaby Wood that every fairy tale is a loaded gun

Neil Gaiman. And you go: Oh. You just clipped your first slide. Riddell's artwork is - not surprisingly - nei stunning. The story is about a young queen Snow White who is given word by three of her loyal followers dwarfs about a sleeping sickness that fell over a neighboring kingdom decades before, but has begun to spread.

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