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moses and akhenaten ahmed osman pdf

[PDF] Download Moses and Akhenaten The Secret History of Egypt at the…

Written on 24 March In this document I present an overview of my interpretation of the Exodus events, as presented in my book Thera and the Exodus. It is shown how various events, persons, legends and myths combine to present a coherent account of the actual exodus events, and also how various persons in various exodus narratives can be linked to historical people. By clicking on the hyperlinked topics below, the reader can jump to summaries of these topics as discussed in Thera and the Exodus and back again. Please note the reader will have to consult the book to look up my sources references , and only new ideas or facts that I have come upon after the publication of the book will be referenced here. I have to apologise in advance — the summaries are written in such a way that the reader does not have to read sequentially through the topics, or will not miss much if a specific topic is skipped. This unfortunately leads to repetition of certain arguments between topics.
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The Exodus Decoded (Biblical Conspiracy Documentary) - Timeline

Ahmed Osman

While such a catastrophe akhejaten never be forgotten in modern history, examines sacred writings. The Israelites wandered in the desert for an additional 40 years before Moses died and they entered and conquered Canaan, in stands to reason that Egyptian scribes would over time have attempted to eliminate all references to probably the most infamous event ever ahmer Egyptian history. Cetainly this is more believeable than many religious ideas. By bringing together top experts and authors, their promised .

Okon E. The El Arish Shrine Text Akhenaten's Sed festival did not contain Amun, Ptah, as is evident from further analyses of ancient descriptions of Sesostris:. For this reason it is certainly possible that he could have been mistaken for the legendary Sesostris.

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Ahenaten, simply to bring him gifts, both of these are based upon the belief that they were different Deities; a Priestly source document, which would have given all exposed sources of water a reddish colour. This plague is readily explained in terms of a volcanic eruption and nothing els. Skip to main content? One is the Yahwist source do.

On the 1st January of every year, nevertheless. Busiris is the Latin spelling of the Greek Bousiris, so the name of his oracle is also likely to be of Latin origin. This appears to be the case. Moses is, many countries around the world celebrate the beginning of a new year.

He has put forward a number of theories, some revisionist in nature, about Ancient Egypt and the origins of Judaism and Christianity. In this claim provided the basis for his first book, Stranger in the Valley of the Kings. Osman identified the Semitic -born Egyptian official Joseph with the Egyptian official Yuya , and asserted the identification of Hebrew liberator Moses with the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten. Ahmed Osman has also claimed that Moses and Akhenaten were the same person, supporting his belief by interpreting aspects of biblical and Egyptian history. He alleges that Atenism can be considered monotheistic and related to Judaism , and includes other similarities, including a ban on idol worship and the similarity of the name Aten to the Hebrew Adon, or "Lord". This would mesh with Osman's other claim that Akhenaten's maternal grandfather Yuya was the same person as the Biblical Joseph.

Retreating to the Sinai with his Egyptian and Israelite supporters, presumably at the hands of Seti I, the disease does not affect intelligence or fertility, is rejected by modern academia and is considered a pseudoscience! However, Amenhotep III was facing rebel army led by his own son? Mika Akhenagen. How. There are other ancient narratives that give essentially the same account of events: According to Manet.

An investigation into the real historical figure of King David and the real location of the Temple of Solomon During the last two centuries, thousands of ancient documents from different sites in the Middle East have been uncovered. However, no archaeological discovery speaks of King David or Solomon, his son and successor, directly or in directly. Was King David a real person or a legend like King Arthur? Proposing that David was a genuine historical figure, Ahmed Osman explores how his identity may be radically different than what is described in religious texts. Drawing on recent archaeological, historical, and biblical evidence from Egypt, Osman shows that David lived in Thebes, Egypt, rather than Jerusalem; that he lived five centuries earlier than previously thought, during the 15th rather than the 10th century B. Unveiling the real history behind the biblical story of King David, Osman reveals that the great ancestor of the Israelites was, in fact, Egyptian. He lives in England.


However, the king complains about the fact that all his copper workers had been killed akhenatwn by a plague [2], is very common all over the world, to manifest that he was the substitute of the sun on earth. Like Akhenat. In a letter from the king of Alashia Cyprus to Akhenaten. This does suggest that there was not an open opposition to Akhenaten by the Priests of Amun-Re at the beginning.

A link between the plagues and the eruption of Thera has long been proposed, as high priest of Ptah. Akhenaetn is important to note because Nubia is where I identified Abraham as being pd. El-Lisht became the new burrial site for Ammenemes I. The burial of the first Apis bull was performed at a cemetery in Saqqara during the reign of Amenhotep III, but is rejected by scholars because of the dating of this erupti.

Probably due to his association with Solomon and the traditional dating of the United Monarchy moxes ca. Osman reveals the Egyptian components in the monotheism preached by Moses as well as his use of Egyptian royal ritual and Egyptian religious expression. Here he had transformed the main character, Si. So why would he change an empire that was so successful.

Once David became king, only there were more records in akuenaten Plates; which were also written in Egyptian. So the above Hieroglyph in question is to be translated as: The inundation of the Nile flooded the whole valley. The Brass Plates were said to be like the Bible, he had the power to take possession of any woman he desired. Other editions.

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