Criminal law multiple choice questions and answers pdf

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criminal law multiple choice questions and answers pdf

criminal law test review multiple choice | Crimes | Crime & Justice

A Krishna will not be punished, as there was danger to his property. B Krishna will not be punished, as the force he used was proportionate to the apprehended injury. C Krishna will be punished, as the force employed was disproportionate to the apprehended injury. D As Maniyan ran to escape there was no longer a threat to Krishna's property. So Krishna will be punished. A Yes, Krishna is liable for punishment as he assaulted a policeman.
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CrPC - Code of Criminal Procedure - Question 1 to 25 MCQ Multiple Choice Question (download link)

Badong, with evident premeditation and treachery killed his father. What was the crime committed? Murder b.

criminal law test review multiple choice

United States of America v. Chapter 6 Suggested approaches to the end of chapter exam questions Please note: The suggested answers are short summary answers. Chapter 14 Multiple choice questions. An assault quextions occur on the basis of threats alone.

The mental capacity to understand the difference between right and wrong. Susan Duclos. Persons having no apparent means of subsistence but has the physical ability to work and neglects to apply himself or herself to lawful calling. ResIpsa Loquitor.

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A person if within a period of 10 years from the date of his release or last conviction of the crime of serious or less serious physical injuries, t. Aberratio Ictus b. RA b. Krishna pulled out his revolver! Krishna liable for punishment".

In which of the following fact situations is defendant Smith most likely to be found guilty of the crime of larceny? A Smith, with the intent to steal Bob's Chinese vase, travels to Bob's house and, finding the front door unlocked, enters Bob's living room where Smith knows Bob keeps the Chinese vase. Smith sits down in Bob's living room and watches a 30 minute television program and then quietly leaves Bob's house. Smith had been experiencing hard times lately because his wife had divorced him and he was trying to make payments on his house and car and also keep up with his child support obligations. Gertrude, a customer at Carl's Supermarket, purchased various items amounting to the total of seventeen dollars and sixty-five cents. Gertrude gave Smith a twenty-dollar bill for the groceries.


Deputy bled to death. If an accused person can demonstrate ignorance of the law, then that argument counts as a valid legal defence. Buder m.

He is liable for cheating. Facts: A, a child born on January ? Much more than documents.

Chapter 15 Multiple choice questions. Chapter 16 Multiple choice questions. Anonymous yisZNKX. Principle: Whoever, is said to commit the.

Nicholas Herman; Melissa A. Molestation choicce a Level Three sexual assault. Criminal law multiple choice answer 2. Defendant and Neighbor are neighbors in an apartment building?

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