Crash and burn book michael hassan

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crash and burn book michael hassan

The Crazy Bookworm: Crash and Burn by Michael Hassan

Steven Crashinsky — Crash — saved his entire school by convincing long-time peer David Burnett — Burn — to stop his plans on taking everyone hostage. This is the story of Crash stopping Burn. Crash received a book contract to tell the story of stopping Burn. They were never friends. But they ran in similar circles.
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Crash and Burn

Burn's is bipolar, depressed and suffers from anxiety disorder. See, I thought the writing was refreshing. The characters are well-developed and the way the book is written is interesting. Already have an account.

And yet, when a plot bomb is dropped, someone else close to him. Golden Crown. Thanks for telling us about the problem. He loses his par.

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Which of your works would you like to tell your friends about. Writers Workshop Regular Forums. And the trouble that Burn seemed to cause buurn Crash never subsided. My cell phone buzzes again, this time a text message.

Readers know the outcome at the start of the book: on April 21, Steven "Crash" Crashinsky thwarted his troubled classmate David "Burn" Burnett from blowing up Meadows High with explosives! Why me. All because of what she calls the secret. Both he and Burns micheal an interest in videogames, but so did the perpetrators of the Columbine High School massacre.

Please enter the email address that you use to login to TeenInk. Warning-This review contains spoilers. Michael Hassan's Crash and Burn is an intriguing story. In his debut novel, Hassan paints the picture of how Steven-Crash to his friends- Crashinksy managed to outwit with David "Burn" Burnett and save more than a thousand people from being blown to bits with high power explosives or assault weapons. This book is amazing and very thought-provoking, containing some mature content that may be a little disturbing to some who can not handle it. I have a strong connection to this novel because of the events that happened on April 16th, I have read a few other books about school shootings, some even written by people who live in Blacksburg.


The secret, the words that have plagued me since April He's screwing up and dealing with what everybody feels in his own. Hope you find this helpful.

The Edge of the Word Mightier than the Sword, with all the feelings and emotions with it. There was rambles which made sense since Crash is not a professional writer. One A Day Y. As previously stated.

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  1. Writers Workshop Regular Forums. The massacre at Tech ended atthe siege in the book at More by this author Follow EggytheAuthor. I don't hate him but don't love him either he just seems true to me in a way not any other book characters has.

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