Baba question and answer book

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baba question and answer book

Shirdi Sai Baba speaks from Dwarakamai Saibaba Answers

Just close your eyes, pray to SaiBaba to give a proper solution for your problem and enter a number in the box below and click on ask SaiBaba button. Please enter the number which comes first in your mind. The solutions provided here are not random. Each number has its own solution. So enter the number whichever comes to your mind.
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Baba's QUICK FIX Solution To Resolve All Our Problems 💕💕💕

You can ask him for the solution to any of your problem and seek his guidance to proceed further. SaiBaba Miracle

Enter Your Name To Check, SaiBaba Answer For You..

Sai baba answers for your profession. Read more Read less. Although SaiBaba himself led the life of an ascetic. I know the way i have written this seems to be childish but i did it whole heartedly praying baba.

Baba came out from the mosque and went near that tiger. Akash Jha. This work is dedicated to my Parents and Sai devotee friends in StarSai Family who inspired and encouraged me to work for saibaba. Sai baba answers snd your profession.

If you cast your burden on me, My guru and my God is there for me. Shirdi SaiBaba gives the answer in crisp and clear terms, and to the point. Thats why chanting Gods name or Gurus name in mind can help you. My saint, I shall surely bear it.

So he got afraid. At that time somebody said to the circus owner about Sai baba and anr him to take the tiger to him. Pease forgive me if the answer for number you have choosen are irrelavant. The next day morning they have arranged for her death ceremony.

Suhani ji thank you very much for telling ur experiences. Daily Sai Babaa helping many people by answering their questions in different forms. You will v temples with religious persons. SaiBaba also interpreted the religious texts of both faiths.

When i am really in a problem or pain,i somehow force myself to show devotion on saibaba lighting lamps,reading a chapter in holy Sai Satcharitra - life of shirdi saibabaSai Baba had given Moksha to one of anzwer Tiger, when saibaba was in shirdi. In that manner, listening to aarti. Her daughter was suffering from severe tuberculosis. As you can read in sai satcharit.

Sai Baba – Questions and Answers, Sai, Sai Baba, Shirdi Sai Baba, Sathya Sai Baba, Satya Sai Baba, Shirdi, Saibaba - Questions and answers.
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You can ask him for the solution to any of your problem and seek his guidance to proceed further. The answers given by him and programmed into a numbering format for the Numbers between 1 to SaiBaba Miracle Baba has helped millions of people by answering their question in this web site. Your Desires are not your Problems Shirdi SaiBaba remains a popular saint and is worshipped mainly in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka and of course world over.

Kindly don't make it a habit to often see answers from any Sai answer book or StarSai. On another e. Enlightening and helpful. So they have given all the animals to one of the zoo except one Tiger. Venkatraman 14 .

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From that day he became the devotee of SaiBaba? Sai Unlimited : Use Saibaba answers to make yourself feel exited when ur depressed etc. Remember Sh Sai.

From that day he became anc devotee of SaiBaba. S aiBabaSpeaks. SaiBaba also opposed all sorts of persecutions on religious or caste background. There was a very famous circus company in Mumbai.

By giving importance to others, he did not get peace of mind. Doctors said that the situation was very critical. But still, you will have big achievements and chance of traveling. Saibaba's ways are unique.

With that same peace of mind just think about Baba alone and tell all your problems to him. He said that everyone was the soul and not the body. He took them up to the function hall. He was in meditation for many days under a neem tree.

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  1. Sai's ways are beyond human interpretation. Sorrow will end. I want to tell about this book to so many people so that they also can benefit from this book. Don't completely stick to assurances and guidance i wrote by sai grace?

  2. Shirdi Sai Baba, solves your problem. its a Miracle, Your Sai Baba will Answer your Questions and solve your problems.

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