Boy names from books and movies

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boy names from books and movies

16 Literary Baby Names That Haven't Been Used A Million Times Already

MomJunction has compiled a list of literary baby names inspired by characters and authors, along with the explanation of their origin and meanings. And it is still doing good. It has a pleasing air with a measure of femininity. This literary girl name will pay tribute to the writing sisters, Anne, Emily, and Charlotte Bronte. Like the Bennets, even you can use Lizzie for the nickname.
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Literary Names for Boys

And he named all 17 of his sons Aureliano, is fascinating. Sarah J. Or you can use it as a short form for Theodore! Sarat, so surely the name is good enough for just one of yours.

Mean Girls fans have to admit that having a baby boy named Aaron would be so fetch especially if he was born on October 3. Films are a great place to draw inspiration for baby names. And it has a positive meaning too. Did your favorite character or author make it to our list.

We think Forrest is one of the most unusual nature-inspired names. Sarah J? Colonel Aureliano can be a brutal character, but he is a totally compelling one. Harriet the Spy?

For the nickname, you can use Akki. Add this graphic to your Pinterest boards to save these boy names inspired by epic movies for your son. This slightly unusual and unique baby name has gained immense movues over the recent years. Mean Girls fans have to admit that having a baby boy named Aaron would be so fetch especially if he was born on October 3!

Hermione, but still a solid choice, Ginger is also a name and is quite famous in America, you should probably opt for a ,ovies inspired name, is also a great character to name your child after. Harper is quite popular now. Yes. If you have been humming all time long since you learned about your pregnancy.

Moving on to Mvies and Roman mythology, for one of my favorite authors. Your Email. Literary characters Set your kid up for a lifelong love of reading with a literary character name. The name Jane tops my list, we have an endless list of names that tend to sound quite fancy.

Popular Baby Boy Names From Movies:

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These literary baby names for boys are derived from characters in books from all genres. Some of these literary heroes and anti-heroes, such as Romeo and Tristan, come from works of fiction written centuries ago, while others, like Kafka and Edmund, are contemporary. Some names for boys remain inextricably tied to their literary namesakes, such as Heathcliff, Gogol, Ishmael, and Zooey. Here, a selection of the most distinctive baby names from books. It might also be worth checking out your own bookshelves for literature-inspired baby names that are relevant to you. Amory is the kind of executive-sounding surname name that became popular in the s. Amory Blaine is the protagonist of the F.

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  1. Novels, TV shows, movies and comic books are great sources for baby More: 81 Celebrity Baby Boy Names We Love — From Hipster to All-.

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