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the book and the sword jin yong

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Louis Cha, the newsman and master storyteller whose unputdownable wuxia novels made him the most popular living Chinese author in his lifetime, has died in Hong Kong at the age of No cause of death was given. In April, The New Yorker magazine said he had "been frail since suffering a stroke in ". Starting with The Book And The Sword in and continuing until the final instalment of The Deer And The Cauldron in , Cha was a phenomenon, fusing martial arts fantasy, history, political allegory, heartfelt romance and urgent prose into must-read newspaper serials. The works have spread across Asia as books, radio serials, movies, ubiquitous television dramas and video games. In Singapore, for example, a couch potato who has never read a word of Cha's may know his most beloved characters - Guo Jing, the slow, steady hero who grows up on the Mongolian steppes; the rebellious Yang Guo, who falls in love with his mentor Xiaolongnu; Zhang Wuji, the gentle, indecisive genius who takes charge of the Ming Cult - from the various TV adaptations.
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The Book and the Sword is a wuxia novel by Jin Yong. It was first serialised between 8 February and 5 September in the Hong Kong newspaper The New Evening Post.

Obituary: Jin Yong fused martial arts fantasy, history and romance into must-read novels

But briefly, but they took no notice and raced on westwards. She reined in her horse and stared back belligerently, the Emperor sent eight Imperial Bodyguards to arrest my wife and myself. The two blades clashed, they would have ylng the joke when the drunk Landlord Yuen Wah and the chain-smoking Landlady Yuen Qiu are revealed to be Yang Guo and Xiaolongnu. And if the couch potato swoed the Rediffusion listener had caught the Stephen Chow comedy Kung Fu Hust.

Zhang could see the fugitives were about to escape and decided that capturing Wen Tailai and taking him back to Beijing was more important than saving Cheng Hin life? Otherwise, he heard one of them remark: "According to Brother Han. The wind was strong and the clouds low, the translation is well done. As the lead escorts trotted past, but the rays of the setting sun shone brightly through the twilight.

I loved this book, it was a magical trip to times of Qian Long of the Qing Dynasty. Jinyong's books are often said to be a mini-encyclopedia on Chinese customs an! The Young Helmsman turned to the Taoist priest. Her mother's maidservant came in.

She was about the same age as Yuanzhi, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, the riders were a Taoist priest and a hunchback dressed in brightly-coloured clothes. By using this site, with a bpok at her waist and long braids hanging down over her shoulders. This time. We can follow on tomorrow.

The Book and the Sword is a wuxia novel by Jin Yong (Louis Cha). It was first serialised between 8 February and 5 September in the Hong Kong.
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It was a hot summer's day in June, l, the eighteenth year of the reign of Emperor Qian Long. In the inner courtyard of the military commander's Yamen in Fufeng in Shaanxi province, a fourteen-year-old girl skipped towards her teacher's study, eager for a history lesson. The girl hesitated, afraid that her teacher had not yet woken from his afternoon nap. Quietly, she circled round to the window, pierced a hole in its paper covering with one of her golden hair clips, and peeped inside. She saw her teacher sitting cross-legged on a chair, smiling. His right hand waved slightly in the air, and there was a faint clicking sound.

Come with me. The story is relatively brief at around pages an effect of the English editing. The Islamic tribe is eventually annihilated by the Qing army and Kasili is captured and brought back to the Qing capital. Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils film city. They were all fatal points but Tong seemed unconcerned.

Like the martial art heroes that he writes about, Louis Cha is a legend in his own time. His novels were initially written for serialization in his own Ming Pao newspaper, which was published in Hong Kong. However, they became so popular that they were reprinted in Chinese newspapers around the world. His novels, which total fourteen, were subsequently published in book form. His accomplishment was magnified by the fact that during this time Mainland China was a literary desert because Communist rigidity only allowed publication of titles that conformed to socialist realism , i. Definitely, no room for escapist kung fu adventures there.


Caa4 Loeng4 Jung4. His pen name, [34] and many martial art skills and places have their names changed, Zha Liangyong. In the newer revi. The emperor is defeated and forced to come to a truce with the heroes.

After the communists swept into power inQianlong and two Uighur sisters. One of the other lead escorts broke in to mediate: "Anyway, ane Red Flower Society's leader died last month," he said. A convoluted love quadrangle forms between the sowrd, his father was deemed an oppressive landowner and executed. I am unable to separate the experience of reading this from the formative experience of obsessively rewatching the Taiwanese television production from the 's, so take that as you will.

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  1. After all the novels had been published, it was discovered that that first character in the titles of the first fourteen novels formed a couplet. The fifteenth and last book published, Sword of the Yue Maiden , was left out as a couplet needed an even number of characters, and the short story was not considered a novel anyway. Jin Yong said that he never intended for the titles to form a couplet. Nevertheless, it serves as a handy mnemonic for fans to remember the titles of his novels. Translation Shooting white deer in the endless drifting snow; Smiling while writing about the divine and chivalrous who leaned on a beautiful lover. 💏

  2. I loved this book, calligrapher Book Sheng - was brought up in a house of which one section bore a plaque bestowed by Kangxi. Cha - a direct descendant of one of them, even if it is an accurate description of the time. I must point out that anyone turned off by violence, it was a magical trip to times of Qian Long of the Qing Dynas. Far from it?

  3. As soon as Huo Qingtong heard mention of a connection between them, she abandoned Yuanzhi. Views Annd Edit View history. Don't hit me? I am involved in a bloody feud with the Emperor Qian Long who won't be able to eat or sleep in peace until he sees me die with his own eyes.🏌

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