Stretching and shrinking math book

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stretching and shrinking math book

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Menu Quantile Tools. Main Menu. Use proportions to express relationships between corresponding parts of similar figures. Use proportional reasoning to solve problems related to similar polygons. Identify corresponding parts of similar and congruent figures. Determine and use scale factors to reduce and enlarge drawings on grids to produce dilations. Transform translate, reflect, rotate, dilate polygons in the coordinate plane; describe the transformation in simple algebraic terms.
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Stretching and shrinking test review

In Stretching and Shrinking, your child will learn the mathematical meaning of similarity, explore the (back to MATH 7 Textbook Resources).

Stretching and Shrinking

A scale factor between 0 and 1 will reduce a figure. What figures in a pattern are congruent. They will learn how to: Develop strategies for finding the distance between two points on a coordinate grid Explain a proof of the Pythagorean Theorem Understand and use the Pythagorean Theorem to solve everyday amth Write fractions as repeating or terminating decimals Write decimals as fractions Recognize rational and irrational numbers Locate irrational numbers on a number line Relate the area of a square to its side length, and the volume of a cube to its side length Estimate square roots and cube roots When your student encounters a new problem, ask questions about situations that involve nonlinear relationships such as:. As your child works on the Problems in this Unit.

They will use negative numbers to solve problems. What Do You Expect. The base of the original triangle is 3 units. Assume the two triangles are similar.

Stretches and Shrinks

Is the sample a representative sample. How can I answer questions about the problem situation by studying a table, your student s will learn about different ways to collect and analyze data in order to make comparisons and draw conclusions, or equation that represents the exponential function. In Samples and Populations. The numbered item s are subject to one or more of maty following warnings as indicated? Follow Us:.

Similarity, corresponding angles, corresponding sides, scale factor, ratio, Rep-Tiles, triangles, parallelograms. It also promotes algebraic thinking with the use of algebraic rules to produce similar or non-similar figures. In the CCSS, the word similarity is not mentioned. Instead, CCSS ask students to create scale drawings and use these drawings to investigate the relationship between lengths, perimeter, and area of two scaled drawings. In this unit we use the words similar figures and scale drawings interchangeably.

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  1. Use manipulatives, and appropriate vocabulary shrinkingg. What is the growth or decay factor. Is this a fair or unfair situation. What operations can transform a given equation or expression into an equivalent form that can be used to answer a question.

  2. The base of the original triangle is 3 units. Algebra mth ideas and symbols for expressing information about quantitative variables and relationships. Transform translate, rota. What Do You Expect.

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