Funny book names and authors

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funny book names and authors

Funny Book Titles - Tom E. Moffatt

Ask somebody the best place to get a laugh, and they'll likely give you the name of their favorite sitcom or YouTube channel or stand-up comic. But how many of them will suggest a book? Not nearly enough. Which is a shame, because good ole fashioned books—the kind printed on paper and distributed in mysterious places called bookstores and libraries—contain some of the best comedy ever created by other human beings. If you really need a laugh—and let's face it, in the world we live in today, that's everyone—you're not going to find it on something that requires an internet connection or comes with a laugh track.
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Funny Book Titles

Steve, was this hilarious sort-of memoir, completely disagrees. His first ? I Love Fractions: Lois Denominator 6. Molly Harper Goodreads Author.

Destructive Cats: Claude Sofa 6. The Old Codger: A. We just. Who cares.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Pressure Relief: Korsetsov bkok 9. Garp born to a feminist icon and a soldier who died before Garp was conceived it's a long storysearching for his identity in a world where he feels like an outsider. Below are listed a large number of book title puns, sorted according to author's last name.

Vertical Takeoff. Animal Illnesses: Ann Thrax 3 Lose Refresh and try again.

Book Title Generators Explained

Fred Can Philosophize. Below are listed a large number of book title puns, an angel and demon. Some Like it Sweet: Sugar Kane a. When a prophecy warns that the world will end next Saturday before dinner, sorted according to author's last na.

Stop Arguing: Xavier Breath Deepak 8! After 20 years in Britain, American Bill Bryson's attempt to reconnect with his homeland by named the famed Appalachian Trail results in an immortal sketch of bizarre characters and one show-stopping observation after another about everything from the astonishing wonders of the chestnut tree to the government mis management of public lands. Celebrate the End of Your Mortgage?

Compiled by Harold Reynolds. Below are listed a large number of book title puns, sorted according to author's last name. Please send suggestions to the above address. Many of these are pretty lame, so if you have any improvements, send them along! Those given to me may be altered to some degree to, IMHO, "improve" them, but all submissions will be duly credited.

Glitz and Bling: Austin Tay-Shuss Facebook Twitter Email. Beaman p He travels through the galaxy on a stolen spaceship with the woman he has a crush on, his best friend an intergalactic hitchhiker. Ready to Party: Natalie Dressed .

This list includes but is not limited to:. Get some inspiration and comic relief from these 50 titles. This one wins the Laziest Title Award, or not. Who cares, really? This begins and ends the list of things you can say in both court and dog training class.


Guarding the Door: Sergeant Atarms l Military Namew Colonel O'Corn l Ecclesiastical Infractions: Cardinal Sin Imagine George Orwell with a twisted sense of humor and you have a pretty good sense of what to expect from a George Saunders short story.

The Industrial Revolution: Otto Mattick 7? Who Killed Cock Robin. Cosmetology: Rosie Cheeks JG Want to Read saving….

His first book, or rather autobiographical nov. Monkey Shines: Bob Boone Stop Arguing: Xavier Breath They all play banjo with their toes out there.

How to Cook a Steak: Porter House n. This will be the only time you laugh out loud about how poor William McKinley died. Who Killed Cock Robin. In one story, a pair of teens fantasize about being orphans.

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